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The Lurch and Wednesday Make-up Look

Jai and her team were recently approached by Tom and Jo who wanted the team to turn them into Lurch and Wednesday from The Adams Family for their fancy-dress event at the Devon Motel in Exeter.

The Adams Family Prosthetic Make-Up

It was a request with a difference as Tom didn't just want a little bit of make-up and contouring... He wanted to be transformed into Lurch with the use of full silicone prosthetics.

The Adams Family Prosthetic Make-Up

This was the perfect opportunity for Jai's senior make-up artist Giselle and her partner Jack (both of whom graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth) to introduce prosthetics to The Events Studio's portfolio and get their teeth into a truly creative project that was sure to be a lot of fun!

In order to create Lurch, two silicone prosthetic appliances were required - a brow and cheek appliance and a chin. This would help to accentuate Tom's bone structure to give the Lurch-look.

Creating these prosthetic pieces required a life cast of Tom's face using alginate (supported by plaster bandage) which, when ready was filled with plaster to create the positive mould. Once the cast was created Jack and Giselle sculpted the pieces using Monster Clay then textured and refined using sculpting tools.

The Adams Family Prosthetic Make-Up

Once finished the sculpted areas could then be moulded. For the prosthetic pieces, layers of a material called baldeze thinned down with 99% alcohol were painted into the moulds - this would allow for the edges of the prosthetic to be really thin and blend away creating a flawless finish. After allowing the 4-6 layers of baldeze solution to dry, the platinum silicone could then be added mixed with skin colour pigment and a deadener to create the pieces and make them look and feel soft and flesh like.

On the day of the party Jack and Giselle it took 3 hours to transform Tom and Jo into Lurch and Wednesday!

The Adams Family Prosthetic Make-Up

The Adams Family Prosthetic Make-Up

In order to recreate Wednesday's signature look Giselle made Jo's complexion paler than her natural one as well as contouring the face and adding smokey eye make-up and deep red-purple lip.

The Adams Family Prosthetic Make-Up

The Adams Family Prosthetic Make-Up

To create Lurch Tom's make-up and prosthetic pieces were coloured using silicone based airbrush paints alcohol activated illustrator paints. Finally his hair was coloured by brushing it through with some of the brown and black paints completing Tom's dramatic transformation into Lurch.

The Adams Family Prosthetic Make-Up

All that was left to do was to get dressed into their costumes and for Tom to pop on a pair of 6 inch wedged shoes to give him added Lurch height before making their grand entrance. They were a lovely fun couple of work with and, alongside their friends who had dressed up as the rest of The Adams Family, they really did look fantastic!

Interested in having your own special FX transformation done for a party, special event or Halloween? We can create everything from casualty fx, adult face painting, fantasy and famous characters and of course lots of Halloween looks!

Get in touch with Jai for your personalised quote. The team are able to offer all levels of special FX make-up to accommodate all requirements and budgets from creative face-painting, casualty simulation, latex and/or silicone prosthetics.

The Adams Family Prosthetic Make-Up

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