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Jai's Tips & Advice for Bridal Make-up

I have had the great pleasure of doing many brides hair and/or make-up over the years and without question my biggest piece of advise to them is to make sure they feel comfortable with their look.

The look you choose for your wedding day is one that needs to capture not only who you are on your wedding day, but who you will be happy to see when you look back in years to come. It can define who you are now and for generations to come. Donít just pick a look because itís the current fashion or because itís a wedding. Itís your wedding! You should look and feel like you, only in the best possible light.


Donít cake yourself in make-up and hide the real you if you donít ever wear make-up. Why not go for a look that is simple, elegant and timeless but that will also give you a flawless complexion and come across beautifully in photographs. If on the other hand you are most confident when wearing a more dramatic make-up, donít go for a natural look just because thatís what people do for weddings! Opt for a combination of glamour and drama, a look you that you are comfortable with and that suits your personality.


Cameras will be capturing you from all angles so make sure you donít have the tell-tail foundation line on your jaw-line! To make sure that you donít ruin your look with blotchy make-up and running mascara, use a make-up fixer on both your mascara as well as on both your top and bottom lash-lines. This way you donít run the risk of smudging either your mascara or your eyeliner. Buy your own mascara. Although there are disposable brushes for make-up artists to use, the best effect you will get from any mascara is by using the brush that is designed to go with that specific one.

Consider getting semi-permanent lash extensions rather than using false lashes on the day. They look better and you donít run the risk of them coming off half way through the day!
I recommend having your lashes (and possibly your eyebrows) tinted about a week before the wedding (ensuring you get a patch test done at least 48 hours beforehand). This will give your eyes an even more defined look on the wedding day as well as reducing the need to worry about taking mascara with you on honeymoon!


If you are opting for a strong lip colour, use a lip stain rather than a lipstick, as this will give long lasting coverage even after drinking your champagne! I recommend not using a lip-stain during your trial in case you decide you want to try something different. Use a lipstick to establish your perfect colour and then head to the shops to buy your own. If you are plumping for a more natural or nude lip my top tip is (if you donít get time to top up on the gloss before a picture) simply give your lips a quick bite and rub with your teeth and then lick your lips. This will instantly bring your natural colour to the lips as well as adding a touch of shine.

Bridal Makeup Advice - Jai Prettejohn, The Event Studios


If you do happen to shed a tear or two, donít worry, just dab upward toward the eye rather than sweeping across and running the risk of removing any foundation or causing unsightly smears. Donít blow your nose holding your nostrils, as this will risk removing your foundation, simply pinch lightly on the middle septumÖthis is far more ladylike and wonít leave you looking like Rudolf!


Donít try to copy exactly what you see in magazines. The chances are you will not have the same hair type, colour or texture as the model. Ask your stylist to take inspiration from images you like and make them work with your own hair and face shape. Have your hair cut and coloured approximately 2 weeks before the big day, this will allow time for the cut to settle in and yet keep the colour fresh.

If you are having a number bridesmaids why not get them hair accessories that are the same or of a similar theme and allow them to have different hairstyles that incorporate them rather than trying to make them all look the same. This works particularly well if your bridesmaids have different lengths, colour or texture of hair.


Always aim to be ready an hour and a half before you need to leave. This will give you time to calmly get into your dress, have some pictures taken, have a glass of bucks fizz and acclimatise yourself to being in your dress so you donít leave all hot and bothered?

Be prepared for your hairdresser or make-up artist to suggest at least 45 minutes per person on the wedding day. If there is only one of them this may mean ?an early start if there is a large bridal party to get through, but donít be put offÖthis will just mean youíll have more time to enjoy your day with the people who care most about you. Crack open the bucks fizz and enjoy it as itíll go by faster than you think!

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